Far-right Tory rejects campaigning for Brexit Party

A DOZEN people who had been suspended from the Conservative Party for Islamophobia are campaigning for the Brexit Party.

Activists backing Nigel Farage’s new party – which is leading the European Parliament election poll today – have posted or supported online messages in favour of bombing mosques and killing Muslims.

Mr Farage – in distancing his new venture from his former party Ukip – had vowed last month that his new party would be “deeply intolerant of intolerance.”

A founder of one grassroots Brexit Party group said she would never vote for a “bacon dodger,” the Sunday Times revealed.

Dorinda Bailey, a former Tory council candidate in Newcastle-under-Lyme was suspended after she agreed with a social media post saying the “whole fucking lot” of mosques should be bombed.

David Homewood was suspended from the Tories after saying “Islam is no different to nazism” and that it encourages men of “limited intelligence to enforce its warped ideology.”

One Facebook page with more than 4,000 members called “Brexit Party supporters” is run by Simon Dearsley, a tattoo removal specialist from Northampton, who as recently as last month claimed to be a Tory member.

He has posted an image of himself impersonating Hitler and shared articles about “Islamic immigration,” writing “Enoch [Powell] was right.”

Sandra Blake, a registered supporter, wrote on Facebook that she had voted for Brexit to “halt an Islamic invasion” and shared a post that described Islam as “pure fascism.” She has been suspended from the Conservatives.

A researcher known as MatesJacob – who investigates racism and Islamophobia in the Conservative Party – called his findings that he passed on to the Sunday Times “worrying.”
(Source: Morningstar online)

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