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theglobal.co.uk is presented by Shashi Poudel. Hello world I’m Shashi Poudel, this is my personal website.
I was Journalist and still I am but since I left Nepal in 1989, I did not write anything for publicity. I would like to get more involved now and write something as another thing. I do not want to write as an advocate for Nepalese politics or as a politician now and also, I’m not coming here as a soldier who left the battlefield temporarily, but I am coming as a journalist again.

We have two babies very hungry and waiting to be fed. One baby is patient and waits indefinitely until it is fed by its mum. The other baby is an impatient and cries and shouts lustily and screams and kicks around and makes everybody unpleasant until it catches everybody’s attention and is fed. We now know which baby is going to be fed first. This is the whole story of politics. You have to make more noise than anybody else to get attention. You have to make yourself more obtrusive than anyone else. In fact you have to be there all the time and not let anyone snow you under. The scenario in the world has been developing like the two babies.

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