Leaders in Past and present

-By Raj Kumar tripathi

The latest political development in Nepal is hurting me or us very much where nobody, no party are in favour of way out from the present obstacle and crisis to establish permanent peace and change in society through new constitution.

Please see the light bulb one time that is burning itself to provide light and brightness to others. I am seeing nobody is prepared to burn themselves to        provide light to others.

What was the mistake of those martyrs who sacrificed themselves to change progressive life at the time of people’s popular war? What were their dream and thinking? What actually they had wanted? Where is the change? Where is the respect to the people and society now? Why are we forgetting all our promises? Where had the power of the people gone? Where is employment and job creation for the innocent Nepali youths? Where is the proper planning and programme to develop the nation? What change we got after constructional assembly election and discussion among past CA members? Why we want CA election again? Why some of CA members want to reinstate dissolved CA and not ready to go to people and want to convince them?

Once upon a time I have a belief towards Baburam Bhattarai,Hisila Yami who is my lecturer(teacher) as well. They both are Engineer and I am by profession an Engineer as well. He became pri minister even though Moiast kidnapped, tortured, looted, terrorised, and killed so many Nepali people and community. Rather than prosecuting them for justice to Hague and put inside prison for life, Nepal nation and G.P.Koirala pardoned them all Moiast including Prachanda  to establish peace and change for poor innocent Nepali People.

Seeing the  variable,non rational , fluctuation on core principle and  decision they moiast(Baburam Bhattarai) made recently, my faith towards Baburam ruin into vein and thus concluded that he is not willing to see progressive change .

Baburam Bhattarai doesn’t understand how much sacrifice the martyr made, money spent and hindrances caused to Nepali people to achieve CA Election.


This man dissolved CA even though there were different options and again saying he wants to perform another CA election soon? Why not parliament election for five years rather than CA election again?  I believe the same parliament can act as CA to make constitution and people can run the nation for another 5 years?

I think it’s too much from now on the Moiast activities cannot be tolerated.  No more watch and see. These culprits should face prosecution to Hague in future who killed 20000 innocent Nepali people.

The leader is one who touches the heart of the millions. The millions keep a leader inside their heart with respect. However, we Nepalese are very unfortunate not to have any such leader. At present, there is no one whom people can find a quality of leadership.

The leader should have no personal interests. The interests of the leader are confined to the welfare of the nation and the people. The persons working for the party and family interests are not the leaders but the family heads and the agents of the party. At most, they could be pin-pointed as the politician.

Nepal is in complete division. No one is ready to accept other’s point of view. There is very little chance that all views are amalgamated and brought into a useful compound. No one is ready to listen to the real masses. Had there been any leader, he or she might have stood up and said it is the people whose voice needed to be heard. Once the people’s voice is heard, it is very likely the position of a politician is eroded. Here, why Nepal’s politicians are in favour of division among the Nepalese people. ‘Divide and rule’ is the ultimate goal of all to remain on the helm of the society by protecting the status of politicians.

There were few persons who had some quality of leadership. Among them, I can count these names: BP Koirala, Subarna Shumshere, Ganesh Man Singh, CK Prasai and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. It might be my personal opinion. These leaders never thought of dividing the nation and the people for the personal or party interests. They all followed the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s principle of having single Nepal. They felt proud to salute the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah. But the present politicians and many others saw our history of bravery as fault because of their deep-rooted interests.


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