What Darkest Hour doesn’t tell you about Winston Churchill

The man voted ‘greatest ever Briton’ was a vile racist, imperialist and eugenics enthusiast, writes in Morning Star Online CALLUM ALEXANDER SCOTT

Last Friday the latest Winston Churchill film, Darkest Hour, opened in British cinemas. It is already being tipped for the Oscars, with Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Churchill at the helm of speculation. Continue reading

US President cancels London visit

ANTI-TRUMP campaigners claimed victory today after the US president cancelled a planned visit to London.
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that the billionaire bigot’s arrival would have been met with “mass peaceful protests” against his divisive policies.
Donald Trump was due to cut the ribbon of the new US embassy in south London next month. Continue reading

Es soll weiter gehen


Ein Mantra hat die designierte schwarz-rote Koalition schon: “Das ist ein Aufbruch”, insistierte CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer gleich mehrfach am Freitagvormittag nach Abschluss der Sondierungsgespräche, und dass es “so viele Beschlüsse” gäbe, die diesen Aufbruch untermauerten. Der SPD-Vorsitzende Martin Schulz versprach einen “Aufbruch für Europa” und Angela Merkel, die einen “Auftrag” zu “spüren” versicherte, sekundierte: “Ein Aufbruch für Europa ist immer auch ein Aufbruch für Deutschland.” Continue reading

Society cannot be transformed solely from the Top

Working people want a different society, an end to the situation where a decent secure job and a place to live are unobtainable for millions, says LEN McCLUSKEY
Unite shop floor leaders gathered in Brighton UK this week to consider the remarkable democratic working-class organisation we have built together.
These conferences are a cornerstone of our union and our democracy. Indeed, they are where the most important aspects of Unite’s life and work are debated. Continue reading