Israel – Hamas Conflict: Does Hamas Want Sympathy or Solution?

Chiranjibi PaudyalBy Chiranlibi Paudyal
Neither we accept the Hamas rocket firing into Israel nor the Israeli action against Hamas. But how long the Hamas plays the game of sympathy not the solution?
The whole world is worried about the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, where innocent children and civilians have been caught in the conflict. Although it is accepted that the Israeli response to the Hamas rocket firing into Israeli territory is top-heavy, the world reacts saying Israel has the responsibility to protect its citizen from Hamas firing. Does Hamas fulfill responsibility to protect its citizen like Israel? Despite the heavy bombardment and killing of hundreds of Hamas children and civilians which may include some extremist militants, Hamas does not seem to be sensible enough to stop the fighting and save the lives of its citizen. Hamas only provokes Israel to go deeper into the Palestine territory and make bigger damage and destruction. It is clear that neither Hamas can wipe out Israel’s map from the region nor can fight and win the war. However, Hamas is on stage inciting Israelis to go inside Hamas areas and wipe out its military power. The basic of the basic principle of any conflicts is either to win over, or accept defeat then it is essential to stop the conflict and save life. But Hamas does not seem to be doing anything to save the life of its own people.

Though the killing of people for any reason is not acceptable in today’s world, it must be accepted that the reason of the present conflict; abduction and killing of three innocent Israeli youths in Hamas control area is the root cause of the present violence. Neither the Hamas rocket firing into Israel is effective nor it can fight back with well equipped and modern technology adopted Israeli soldiers then what does Hamas want to achieve just inciting war and killing people. The politics of sympathy does not help Hamas as only sympathy cannot save the lives of innocent people.

While listening the speeches and statements of Israel’s close allies: the Americans and Europeans even the Israeli army officials, they have expressed deep sorrow and sympathy to the killing of innocent people in Gaza. However, each and every one accepts the fact that Israel’s responsibility to protect its citizen. Israel has clearly said unless the Hamas rocket firing is not stopped, it will continue to take action against Hamas, which is declared as a terrorist organisation by the USA and even the mainstream Palestine Fatah group. When nearly 1,700 people have been killed in Hamas controlled Gaza strip, 65 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Israeli side so far, and Hamas rocket firing is almost useless to make any effect. In such a scenario, what is the point of Hamas activity?

When Israel has vowed that it will continue the action of destroying and dismantling unless it achieves its goal of stopping Hamas from carrying out ‘terrorist activities, Palestinian officials said 55 people had died in Israeli strikes on Saturday alone, most in Rafah, where the Israeli soldier, Hadar Goldin, went missing during the conflict. Israel is so sensitive to its citizen and even a single soldier is so precious and from American president Barrack Obama to others has urged the Hamas to release him unconditionally, however, Hamas does not seem to be sensible to save the life of its own citizen. Thus the action of Hamas is completely irresponsible. When Hamas cannot win the war, when Hamas cannot save its citizen then why does it provoke violence?

The geographical reality of the region cannot be changed and the Israeli Jews and Muslim Palestinians have to live together side by side accepting the existence of each other. Hamas must realise that its support is limited even within the Muslim world as its sympathiser Muslim Brotherhood Party has been out of power in Egypt, its supporter Iranian president is gone and no any international power is going to support it which is described as ‘terrorist group.’ On the other hand Israel is strongly united inside the country, America and its allies are fully backing Israeli action and there is huge storage of brain and resources in their side.

Despite long conflict and dispute since ancient time, the two sides can live together only accepting the reality of the region. No one supports the violence and killing of any sides, however, the death of innocent children and civilians in Gaza is shockingly sad and must be stopped. Hamas must be responsible, accept the reality that it cannot win over Israel through extremism and save its citizens at any cost. Hamas can get real sympathy only it abandons the policy of violence, extremism and most importantly accept the existence of Jewish state – Israel in its side. History shows only the peaceful and non- violent movement can bring change; Mahatma Gandhi defeated the power of British empire; Mandela defeated apartheid regime and Martin Luther King ended discrimination against black people only through peaceful resistance. Will Hamas understand and accept this realism?

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