Ist der Grüne “attraktive Bewegungspartei“?

Diese Entscheidung dürfte er inzwischen wohl bereut haben. Im Juni verkündete Cem Özdemir, er wolle „frische Gesichter“ sehen und werde nicht mehr als Grünen-Chef kandidieren. Damals hoffte er noch, künftig als Außenminister der Bundesrepublik zu reüssieren. Auch sein Liebäugeln mit dem Fraktionsvorsitz nach dem Scheitern von Jamaika lief ins Leere, obwohl sein Weggefährte Winfried Kretschmann zeterte, es könne nicht sein, dass für ein politisches Talent wie Özdemir kein wichtiger Posten im Bund frei sei. Nun droht ihm ein Dasein als einfacher Bundestagsabgeordneter. Continue reading

Es soll weiter gehen

Ein Mantra hat die designierte schwarz-rote Koalition schon: “Das ist ein Aufbruch”, insistierte CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer gleich mehrfach am Freitagvormittag nach Abschluss der Sondierungsgespräche, und dass es “so viele Beschlüsse” gäbe, die diesen Aufbruch untermauerten. Der SPD-Vorsitzende Martin Schulz versprach einen “Aufbruch für Europa” und Angela Merkel, die einen “Auftrag” zu “spüren” versicherte, sekundierte: “Ein Aufbruch für Europa ist immer auch ein Aufbruch für Deutschland.” Continue reading

US President cancels London visit

ANTI-TRUMP campaigners claimed victory today after the US president cancelled a planned visit to London.
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that the billionaire bigot’s arrival would have been met with “mass peaceful protests” against his divisive policies.
Donald Trump was due to cut the ribbon of the new US embassy in south London next month. Continue reading

Society cannot be transformed solely from the Top.

Working people want a different society, an end to the situation where a decent secure job and a place to live are unobtainable for millions, says LEN McCLUSKEY
Unite shop floor leaders gathered in Brighton UK this week to consider the remarkable democratic working-class organisation we have built together.
These conferences are a cornerstone of our union and our democracy. Indeed, they are where the most important aspects of Unite’s life and work are debated. Continue reading

The Russian Revolution: An inspiration Then and Now

WHY should media, so apparently divided on key political issues, be united in viewing the October 1917 revolution in Russia as not worth celebrating?
Most reasons advanced boil down to a combination of secret police, state repression, lack of individual rights, an absence of democracy and mass bloodshed.
No state exists without a secret police. Tsarist security police infiltrated the Bolsheviks right up to central committee level. Their reports condemned revolutionaries to jail, exile and worse. Continue reading

Che’s Daughter Aleida calls for unity of the left

They had travelled to Denbigh Town Hall from as far as the Wirral, Anglesey and Aberystwyth to celebrate the Cuban revolution in music, song and verse and to hear Aleida Guevara talk about her father’s legacy and the current situation in her country. MEIC BIRTWISTLE reports.
The banner on the stage of Denbigh Town Hall on Tuesday night was trilingual — Welsh, English and of course Spanish — “Daw Dydd — Our Day Will Come — Venceremos!” Continue reading

It’s Time to get your Coat, Priti Patel

EVEN as Theresa May finally sees no real alternative but to sack Priti Patel, she still oozes weakness because everyone knows this isn’t her favoured option.
She has been reeling since her ill-judged bid to win a landslide parliamentary majority blew up in her face, leaving Jeremy Corbyn looking the winner.
Her billion-pound bung to the Democratic Unionist Party hasn’t made her administration any steadier in the face of instability following allegations of inappropriate behaviour and worse against ministers and MPs. Continue reading

Catalan Chiefs to face charge of Sedition

SPAIN’S chief prosecutor Jose Manuel Maza made clear yesterday that he intends to place charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement against members of Catalonia’s ousted government, which has been seeking independence for the region.

The rebellion, sedition and embezzlement charges carry maximum sentences of 30, 15 and six years in jail respectively. Continue reading